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Nissei's "Personalized & Professional"

In Today’s Globalized world Asian countries with long histories of thousands of years, such as Japan, Korea, and China, are at the centre of the world's rapid economic growth.

We have to cherish other peoples’ culture, respect each other and create learning focused on an environment of peace and cross cultural understanding. We're working every day in order to achieve this.
Placement test Placing you into different levels depending on your placement test
Beginner ”Beginner Level (can not communicate in Japanese) to Intermediate Level (everyday life conversation). Through "Reading""Writing""Listening""Speaking" students will learn to "Know and Enjoy Japanese"
Intermedeate Intermediate Level (everyday life conversation) to Advanced Level (ability to describe your feelings and opinions). First students will learn to put the "basic grammar" into use and will learn more advanced grammar and vocabulary
Advanced Improve learning, employment and further education. Ability to operate at an intermediate Japanese level and the ability to write configuration papers and official documents
Career counseling Support for entering or transfering to University in Kansai region, Japan National University, and other Universities (such as Vocational schools). Students can also transfer to our sister & partner schools to learn other languages
After graduation Nissei provides our Alumni who pursue further education or employment "New-Life Support" system which provides solutions to everyday life problems in a new environment
Name Nissei Japanese Language School(財)日本語教育振興協会認定校
Principal Naka Satoko
Adress 〒544-0004 4-15-26,Tatsumi Kita,Ikunoku,Osaka,Japan
Establishment 2007
Faculty staff 30
Capacity 440
Japanese evaluation Japanese proficiency acquisition status
Self-inspection Self-check/Evaluation table